How human-centered is your social strategy?

Allow your small business to tell a big story on every level. Your customers are on Facebook and Instagram and … well, you know. Shouldn’t you be there too?

Did you know that some surveys show over 65% of small business customers are in the social communities regularly?

And just as important, did you know that over 95% of small business marketers (for your competition) are in the social communities regularly?

Now that we have your attention, it’s also important to know that effective use of social media marketing for small businesses requires a much different approach and mindset than other SMBs. There is no plug-n-play approach. Every small business’ focus should be different with unique product items and services, and demanding target customers.

Let’s design together a strategic plan that leads you and your customers together perfectly. Let’s hit them where they live – on Facebook, Instagram, etc. – with a message they can’t say no to. And let’s hit them with those dynamite customer service photos worthy of bragging about.

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