Paid Search is a game-changer when human-centered

Increasing community awareness of every one of your small business’ locations and driving traffic to your small business website to capture the necessary information to engage with customers through digital channels is our number one priority with paid search.

Our close partnerships with Google, Meta (Facebook & Instagram), Yelp, and TripAdvisor give us a leg up on other small business marketing agencies when it comes to planning and executing a paid ad (PPC / pay-per-click) campaign for your brand.

Search engine marketing involves using advertising to elevate in the search engines when someone searches for your targeted keywords. Unlike SEO, which depends heavily on Google’s algorithm, search engine marketing is highly customizable to your immediate small business needs.

Do you need to advertise a new product line in your community? Show up on the first page immediately.

Do you have an upcoming event the community should know about quickly? Appear for those search terms on day one.

Our Paid Search campaigns are given priority on Google search results pages and Facebook & Instagram timelines, so you get a win-win on all fronts.

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